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    Windows 8.1 on Baytrail Android Device?

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      Hello Embedded Community,


      I am currently looking into a way of modifying the ASUS Memo Pad range (Namely Memo Pad 8 ME181C at this time), in order to make them compatible with Windows once again.


      With the Baytrail Atom chip, I see no reason why this would not be possible, however, reversing the modifications made by ASUS in order to make the tablets work with Android has left me at a slight dead end. I have queried AMI (Who's Aptio BIOS runs on the Windows equivalent of the Memo Pad, the Transformer Pad T100, and  Vivo Tab 8) but unfortunately they were unable to assist me, as were ASUS Technical team, so I am trying my luck with the root of my project, Intel!


      The aim of this project is to get affordable Windows based tablets for Schools, as I work primarily within Education, meaning budgets are slim. Unfortunately Android OS is neither secure enough, or compatible enough for a classroom environment, but Windows based tablets are far too expensive to allow individual students to utilize them.


      Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated.