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    [Rangeley] Rangeley on board LAN, can not connect to internet issue.

    James_Lee Green Belt

      Hi All,

                   My platform is Rangeley + onboard Lan i210x2, BIOS is coreboot +intel FSP.


            on Windows7  device control manger can see both lan is normally,

      insert lan cable, system can get the DHCP IP address(but its very slow

      over 1 mintes), but system can not connect to internet, system still wait the data...

        On AMI code is ok, so hardware is fine.

      below is hw layout

      bus  dev  fun
         1    0     0  ---> i210

         2    0     0  ---> i210

         3    0     0  ---> VGA


      Intel FSP PCI Bifurcation is setup 4x4x4x4 is same AMI.

                Except the PCI-E IRQ share or not share need check, have other I need to check?Thanks.                  


                         Best Regards