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    QAT integration with dpdk

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            I am trying to compile the dpdk v1.8.0 with qat "qatmux.l.2.3.0-34.tar" together to run on a CentOS 2.6.32-504.el6.x86_64 platform.  The chip set I am using is Rangeley single socket quad core processor with 89xx.

      Question-1: Are these two combinations of software compatible?

      Question-2: I am running into a kernel panic and any help would be greatly appreciated.  I followed the following steps to bring up the dpdk application..

           Step-1:  put together the qat configu file "/etc/c2xxx_qa_dev0.conf"

           Step-2:  service qat_service restart

           Step-3:  run the dpdk qat application

                        ./dpdk_qat -c 0x8 -n 4 -- -q 4 -p 0x3 --config '(0,0,3),(1,0,3)'


           My qat config files is attached...

      Thanks in advance.