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    [FSP: Intel Atom E3800] - E3805 SKU Supported?

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      I'm debugging a custom Bay Trail-I board design that uses either the E3815 or E3805 Bay Trail-I SKUs (both D0-step).  I'm using a coreboot BIOS based on the bayleybay_fsp mainboard to run DOS and Linux test utilities.  Boards with the E3815 processor boot, but with the E3805 it hangs in FspInit.  The main difference with the E3805 SKU is the lack of built-in iGFX.


      Running a debug version of the FSP, "BAYTRAIL_FSP_GOLD_003_DEBUG_29-SEP-2014", it stops while querying the graphics.  I've attached the coreboot log with Fsp debug messages for both the E3805 (hang) and E3815 (boot) for comparison.


      I've tried setting the FSP graphics parameters to a logical value for "no graphics" (see logs).  I've tried both M0130679901 and M0130679903 microcode with no difference.  I'm using TXE binary "BYT-I_DUAL_BOOT_TXE_KIT_GOLD_RELEASE_1.1.0.1089".


      Has anyone else tried the E3805 with the GOLD3 FSP?  I suspect the FSP doesn't properly handle the lack of iGFX at the moment.