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    Wake on Lan not working as expected.

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      We are having trouble on Wake on Lan functionality in Edisonville platform. We tested this functionality on LInux/Windows environment but not working as expected. We are using the configuration as explained below in our board.


      We are using Marvell's Alaska 88E1512 External PHY device which is connected to LAN Port 0 and another to LAN Port 1 of Edison processor with MDIO interface. MDIO0 from LAN Port 0 will be using as shared mode for LAN Port 1 also. Our customer wants to use LAN ports 0 and 1 in SGMII mode so we flashed EEPROM Starter Image 7 (SGMII Mode and No management).


      Configuration :
      SOC : Avoton (Intel Atom C2750 or C2550) Intel Server Board.
      Processor : Edisonville
      Memory : 4GB (8 No of 512Mx8) or 8GB (8 No of 1Gx8) on board
      SGMII : Two 2.5G direct from SOC
      PCIe : Three x4 PCIe ports
      SATA : One port, 6Gbps direct from SOC to SATA NAND FLASH
      USB : Three USB 2.0 ports
      Expansion : M.2 SSD on One PCIe x4 port

      It will be helpful if you give a hand on this situation. We are expecting to work WOL feature on this platfrom.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Younus Ahamad S