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    Boot from eMMC APL Intel Atom

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      Hello everyone,


      We are working with the new Apollo Lake Platform E3900 Series Intel Atom. We want to boot this Apollo Lake Soc from eMMC without using a BIOS SPI Flash Memory. The idea is just boot from reset since eMMC device. Because of this, We are looking for a software to do all the process of flashing an eMMC Memory; I mean, partitioning the eMMC, send the bootloader (Coreboot, U-boot) and the OS Image (Kernel and Root File System).


      We have tried to use the Platform Flash Tool to do this process, but it seems to be a tool more appropiated for Android devices, and we haven´t got very clear explanations about how can we do this process.


      So, our question is the next: What is the best tool to do all this process? Is there any document or guide which explains how can we achieve this objective?


      We are assuming we can boot from eMMC, but a last question would be: Can we boot directly from eMMC, or we need a BIOS SPI like a mandatory requirement?


      Thanks in advance