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    Flash descriptor and read/write permissions

    pietrushnic Green Belt

      I'm trying to understand flash descriptor and read/write permissions that can be configured using master region. I'm using MinnowBoard Turbot B and trying to change flash descriptor so it will have any effect in my Linux system, but apparently I have problem with that. I read IFD with chipsec. I was able to modify IFD in below way:


      + 0x0060 Master Section:


      + 0x0060 FLMSTR0   : 0xFDFF0000

      + 0x0064 FLMSTR1   : 0xFFFF0000


      Master Read/Write Access to Flash Regions


      Region                | CPU   | ME   


      0 Flash Descriptor     | RW    | RW   

      1 BIOS                 | R     | RW   

      2 Intel ME             | RW    | RW   


      Despite that I'm still able to use flashrom to write BIOS region. Why it is still possible ? Who enforce this access rights ?

      Description in Bay Trail datasheet IMO is not clear or I miss some fundamental knowledge about IFD.