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    Virtualization: Featured Community Content

    Felix_M BlackBelt


      Virtualization seems to be one of the hottest topics in the community.  For our members who have an interest in this topic, I am providing some convenient links below to some community posts that I think provide particularly valuable content:    


      Embedded Innovator Magazine: Embedded developers had better be well versed in virtualization

      By Editor Kenton Williston


      Technical Blog:  Three virtualization methods - Power of three or should one prevail? 

      By Roving Reporter Sharon Schnakenburg


      Technical Paper:  Methods and Application of System Virtualization

      By Intel


      Technical Paper:  Using Intel® technologies to create a wireless sensor platform for hospitals

      By Intel, LynuxWorks and Portwell


      Technical Paper:  Approach for Optimizing Intel Multi-core Processor-based Architectures

      By Intel


      Directory:  View Intel® Embedded Alliance member solutions for virtualization

      By Intel® Embedded Alliance



      Technical Blog:  Improving systems safely by controlling unintended software interactions

      By Roving Reporter Henry Davis


      Technical Blog:  Roving Reporter: Separation Kernels Leverage x86 Processor Features, Secure Code and Data

      By Roving Reporter Maury Wright


      Technical Blog:  Mixing Hard Realtime and General Purpose O/S

      By Roving Reporter Henry Davis


      Application Note:  The Benefits of an Integrated System for Industrial Automation Applications  

      By RadiSys


      Technical Blog:  RadiSys takes care of industrial automation applications and virtualization

      By Roving Reporter Mark Scantlebury


      Technical Blog: Simplify software development for embedded applications

      By Roving Reporter Henry Davis



      ….More ….   Search the Intel® Embedded Community for additional virtualization content



      Have you read any content that you would recommend to the community?  What other aspects of Virtualization would you like to see covered? 



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          Does anyone know of a good resource for bringing up Linux and bare metal cores on a multicore Intel CPU?


          Gary Peyrot

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              Felix_M BlackBelt

              Hi Gary


              Welcome to the Intel®  Embedded Community,


              First off, the "featured content" in this thread is very old.  You might want to check out the current list of top Virtualization articles at the link below:
              Can you say a bit about what kind of resources you are looking for?   Are you intending to bring up the multi-core processor yourself or perhaps consider some experienced third parties?  There are a number of companies within Intel's embedded ecosystem, the Intel®  Embedded Alliance, that have this expertise.  You can find them at:
              Here are some of the key ones. I hope I haven't left anyone out.
              Green Hills Software
              Real-Time Systems
              Wind River
              If you let us know more about what you're looking for it would help guide you in the right direction.


              I hope this helps.




              J. Felix McNulty

              Community Moderator (Intel contractor)