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    USB Client driver (Intel® System Controller Hub US15W Chipset (Embedded)

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      Hi all,


      I'm searching for a SW package that I've found mentioned on the web, eg: http://osdir.com/ml/linux.ubuntu.devel.mobile/2007-12/msg00000.html.


      This SW package should be:  "The Poulsbo USB Client utilities, provided by Intel, are reference implementations which are released as open source code.", and consists of the following components:

      1) Linux Poulsbo USBC controller driver
      2) Patches to Mass Storage gadget driver and RNDIS gadget driver.
      3) Linux client utility.
      4) Linux host utility
      5) Windows host installer
      6) Windows host wizard

      On the download-center, I've only been able to find USBC-drivers for Windows XP Pro and Embedded. However, I'm looking for Linux USB Client drivers. We are especially interested in the switching between mass storage and rndis.


      Do anyone know where to find the open-source reference driver?


      Best regards,

      Anders Darander