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    Intel Baytrail eDP with 1366x768 LCD Panel "fuzzy/noisy", Linux Graphics Problems

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      Hi Intel:


      Working with a customer trying to determine what is going on with their LCD Panel with Linux:


      Board is a EMB-BT1, AAEON Mini ITX Baytrail, with E3845 Processor.

      Panel is a AUO G156XW01 1366x768 24bit Panel


      We have built the cable correctly because we can boot into Windows 8.1 and the LCD Panel looks good see picture:



      We have tried Ubuntu 14.04 64bit, Lubuntu 14 64bit, Fedora 20 64bit, all three of these display this "fuzzy/noisy" image.


      We downloaded the Timesys 18 Fedora Remix image and booted it up on the board and the LCD Panel looks perfect.


      So there is something going on with the Intel Graphics driver when using the standard ISO files for Ubuntu and Fedora.


      Please help me figure this out. I have attached different pictures in this discussion.