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    Fanless Computing: An Application Explosion is Coming Soon!

    Brown Belt

      Over the next few years we will see an explosion of new

      small form factor fanless systems hit the marketplace to serve the increasing

      need for portability. Business road warriors and text messaging teens drove

      mobility product needs encouraging innovation in small form factors. Now businesses

      will look to new small, yet rugged, embedded devices to boost business

      productivity and efficiency with innovative web based applications that capture

      and process data for real time business intelligence and predictive decision

      making whenever and wherever needed.






      Kontron supports the development of long life embedded systems that use Intel’s

      new 45 nanometer Atom™ processor, which delivers a processor

      thermal design power specification ranging from subwatt to 2.5 watts for mobile

      devices. This revolutionary new processor, with its 47 million transistors is

      already being designed into custom portable systems, using Kontron’s tightly

      integrated KTUS15/mITX or nanoETXexpress-SPboards. These high quality fanless

      systems based on Kontron custom design and manufacturing will

      offer the quality, reliability and lower cost of ownership needed by the

      embedded product industry, while providing the thermal and power management

      needed for flexible devices serving needs for portability. Kontron’s extensive

      experience in communications technologies will ensure that each new custom

      system is designed and integrated to minimize data access and processing

      latency while minimizing power use. When the explosion of Intel Atom processor

      based fanless portable devices hit the marketplace later this year, will you be

      ready with your product offering?










      Where can we expect to see these new portable products?

      Kontron expects that many rugged, long life products will be used to facilitate

      automation, medical equipment, the transportation industry, retail and

      warehouse inventory management and e-commerce. What are some of the

      applications that you think will take off with the availability of the new

      Intel Atom processor?