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    Comparing COMs: Which computer-on-module SFF solution fits your design needs?

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      Just under a month ago in the multi-core sub-community, I blogged about the computer-on-modules landscape, how multi-core processors fit in the picture, and choosing the right "fit" for your application. That was just the tip of the ice-burg, so it seemed fitting that we should have it as a discussion item in the Small Form Factor (SFF) sub-community.






      Typical questions asked when picking the right solution are about: processing capabilities, integrated graphics/audio/IO features, size, industry standard, design risk, cost/investment, flexibility, scalability, product family roadmap, and the list goes on from there.






      We can do a quick side by side comparison (such as the one posted in this sub-community as a resource: ) of the ETX, COM Express, and others SFFs for one perspective of what fits where.






      What is your perspective? Which computer-on-module SFF solution fits your design needs best and why?








      Christine Van De Graaf - Product Marketing Manager, Embedded Modules Division