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    Bios nightmares: What was your worst experience?

    Brown Belt

      Over the weekend I noticed the stores in the strip centers are starting

      to stock Halloween costumes and decorations. It got me thinking about how we

      all have high tech horror stories to share. Like how the lack of a driver held

      up a project. Or worse, how the missing driver resulted in bad press after a

      product launch.


      Most new platform designs needto communicate with legacy platforms.

      Implementing multicore designs whilemaintaining legacy platform communications

      can add to the complexity of thedesign effort. Legacy device bios code may need

      to be adapted for simultaneousthread execution. Further, if resources need to be

      shared the potential ofoverwrite nightmares may be an unexpected “trick” that

      steals the “treat” of multicoreperformance.




      OEMs should consider taking advantage of the experience of vendors when

      shifting applications to multicore designs. Kontron has a special software team

      for custom embedded system projects that understands these issues.




      Share some of your concerns about developing multicore bios and some of your

      favorite driver nightmare stories.




      Kontron – Nancy Pantone