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    Will Atom be a breakthrough Linux Platform?

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      With all the fanfare surrounding Google’s Android mobile platform launch, Linux is

      becoming firmly established in the embedded mobile arena. Over the past year Linux

      has seen steady adoption in handhelds due to use in Amazon’s Kindle, and by

      actions of key industry players, such as Sun, who opened Java source code, and

      Motorola with the release of Motomagx, and the growing popularity of Firefox 3.

      What will these actions mean to embedded systems developers using the Intel®

      Atom™ processor?


      At Kontron we believe that Intel® Atom™ processor based customized

      platforms will propel even greater use of Linux in innovation mobile devices.

      Several key factors will play into the selection of Linux for applications.

      First is cost, which is always key in BOM development. Next, is the growing

      robustness of the Linux ISV ecosystem,making it easier to implement Linux solutions.

      Probably most important is trust. As we all use more and more Linux-based

      devices in our daily lives from cellphones to TiVo, we not only get used

      to embedded Linux, we like it.


      At Kontron we are supporting Linux-based projects with our new low profile KTUS15/mITX motherboard,

      offering Intel® Atom™ and US15 chipset and with our nanoETXexpress-SP and microETXexpress-SP

      computer-on-modules – examples of these arediscussed during Kontron nano Days (http://www.kontron.com/nanodays).


      What impact do you think new Atom-based platforms will have on Linux adoption in



      Kontron –Nancy Pantone