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    ATCA Takeoff is Imminent writes Craig Matsumoto

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      The AdvancedTCA market is set to nearly double each year through 2012, according to a Heavy Reading report, writes Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor of Light Reading.


      Does this sound accurate to the players in the market?

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          The market numbers in the report are based on information from network equipment providers (NEP) and ATCA suppliers. The success of ATCA depends on NEPs committing ATCA for significant programs (which is happening) and then using the same platform for additional programs (which is starting to happen). Most NEPs (with two significant exceptions Cisco and Ericsson) are already committed to ATCA for at least one major program and several NEPs are using ATCA wherever possible.


          In the short term (2009/10) the slow down in the market may delay the growth in ATCA however in the long term a reduction in R&D spending by NEPs further increases the value of ATCA, accelerating time to market and reducing development costs, and this could lead to a bigger market than forecast in 2011/12.


          Craig's item can be found at Light Reading and details of the report referenced at Heavy Reading