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    How do we keep SFF solutions going while on the go?

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      Even the smallest applications designed around power-efficient platforms including the Intel® Atom(TM) processors (used in the Kontron microETXexpress-SP and ETX-DC small form factor modules) and the new 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processor and the GS45 chipset (used in the Kontron ETXexpress-PC COM Express module) need to have power while out in the field. Since carrying around large power supplies or staying plugged into a stationary outlet are not considerable options, we've got to have some alternatives. One such alternative proposed by Kontron is MARS (Mobile Application platform for Rechargeable Systems). By implementing the modular reference design of MARS, integrating the right circuitry for battery status monitoring, charging and useable patterns and more can be built into the SFF module's customizable carrier board is simplified.


      What are some of the obstacles that you face today with implementing efficient power-usage and charging into your SFF-based mobile application?





      Christine Van De Graaf - Product Marketing Manager, Embedded Modules Division


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