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    What happend to the DX58SO board ?

    Green Belt

      Love the chip specsfor the new i7's but was really not impressed with the DX58SO

      4 dimms? The bus is 3 channels shouldn’t it be 3 or 6? Doesn’t unbalancing the bus size slow things down?

      3 PCIe slots? 1 of them is PCIe 1.0 why?

      It looks like we stuck expansion on the board for S&G factor because I can’t see using the 4th dim socket if it drops my performance and the same goes with the third PCIe slot.

      These "extra slots" are like vestigial appendages it makes me wonder if a corner is being cut somwhere. Maybe the design team is just over worked.

      3 supported memory buss speeds i thought we were dropping the FSB.

      Shouldn’t the memory speed be tied to the processor (i.e. 1333 ram can’t be used with a 1066 core)so I don’t have extra wait states floating around in the Northbridge