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    Asus maximus VII Hero Xhci host Controller problem

    Ciprian Community Member

      Hy, i have a problem with xhci controller it says port 15 unspecified connection failure even if it is nothing connected in any usb ports, I even disconected the frontal ports. This is my 3rd motherboard with this problem. In windows 7 i don't have any of this error, everything works great but in windows 8.1 and 10 i have this problem. My bios is updated, i talked with asus, microsoft but  the problem isn't gone. When i rma'ed the second motherboard they could not find the root of my problem and they exchanged my motherboard with a new one. The drivers of the chipset is the latest. the error that gives me on Port15 VID:0000,PID:0000- all usb works ok but it bugs me that i don't know form where i get this error on port15 like i said even there is nothing connected on the ports. Would this be an enginering problem or a driver problem?