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    What does 7+ year System Mfg Avail. mean?

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      Hi!, sorry about my ignorance, I would like to know what does 7 year system manufacturing availability mean, does it mean the processor wil be available for 7 or 2 years time from present or that 7 year mfg avail. processors are tested to last longer than about 7 years while 2 yrs stm mfg. avail. only last about 2 years? or what does that mean? Thank you!

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          Hi Flash,

          Thanks for your interest in Intel Embedded products. Please see this FAQ:


          "Mfg Avail indicates the number of years that Intel anticipates shipping the product. Embedded parts typically need to be procurable for 7+ years, whereas standard parts are typically procurable for 2+ years."

          In other words, when we launch a product with a 7+ year commitment, then we plan to continue shipping that product until at least 7 years from the initial launch date. However, it should be noted that we have often continued shipping well selling Intel Embedded Processors for much longer - sometimes even a few decades. For example, if you look a recent Product Discontinuance Notice, we stopped shipping some products over 25 years over their initial release. Also, we are still shipping the Intel® Celeron® Processor 850 MHz, has an ordering code (RB80526RY850128) that clearly over 7 years old.


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