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    D945GCLF EOL(End-Of-Life) Schedule

      I've heard that EOL(End-Of-Life) schedule of D945GCLF board will be Jan. 2009.

      One of the distributors said final order of D945GCLF is mid Jan. 2009.


      Is it true?



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          The D945 GCLF is a Desktop Motherboard..

          So if there is a change it is on the Mobile applications in the Net Books(Net Top)..

          I'm here today because I have just heard of this Intel Product..12/27/08..

          ..and have wanted to to build a Lap Top..

          The regular Intel Mobile Motherboard seems best..Centrino technology..having a Desktop Media PC has alot of advantages..

          ..but there are exceptions where Consumer Products like a Portable DVD Player can utilize standard PC and Laptop functions..

          ..too supply the needed Learning Subjects..even having the TV-output function..

          ..I'm really looking at Centrino M..<<--hope I didn't confuse that with any Celeron M Product..this is really a first look.

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            Dear Guest,

            There is no official information or declaration about D945GCLF EOL.

            For your satisfaction, refer to D945GCLF support site. For future reference, note that any update on EOL of a specific product is mentioned at the product support site.


            Warm Regards,

            Javed Lodhi

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              The Net Book or Net Top is being called a Learning Tool for the schoolroom in 3rd world countries..being accessed a vertical-margin in such instances..I have been looking at this product and its a Internet Device..//why not just have a standard Library practice running since the idea of the Net Book is its S-video OUTPUT(port)..why not a DVD-library and a portable DVD Player for a Classroom looking to be more "modern"..I don't mind being a end-user of such a thing as the D945GCLF..and the netbook or nettop version of computing..its the idea of having a Library being considered in the character of that device..instead of AUDIO/VIDEO Lab--as is the regualr institution..I find it a TOY..and the less fortunate a BLIND-horse to pull such a wagon..

              The people need more than to be a sales-force..when they can't even be regular consumers..I find the classroom model in this part and product--foolish considering the talk of its locale..Standard Libray Practice is the only advantage in the troubled lives that seek an education..and from my own personal experiance..as in watching the troubled lives..its HOME ECONOMICS that should flood those locales--NOT PART NUMBERS.