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    DX58SO pcie x1 issues



      I'm not positive I'm in the right forum for this but if I'm not could I please be directed to the correct one.


      I have the Intel DX58SO MB and am having compatibility issues with a card I put in the PCIE x1 slots.  I have also read about 3 other people with different x1 pcie cards having the same issue.   The card I have is a Black Magic Design Intensity card for capturing video from various sources you plug into it.

      The card worked fine and installed within 2 minutes on my older Intel 945 board but on my new DX58SO board, it crashes before even reaching the desktop. I have spent days trying every combination of bios settings to get it to work. It's not a driver since it doesn't even reach windows and half the time can't make it past the Intel bios logo. I've contacted both Intel by phone and email as well as the maker of the card with no real resolution. I have also updated the bios to the latest build.


      Right now I'm hoping that more people have issues with this board so that there maybe a bios update that will correct this. I thought pcie technology was backwards compatible and that since it worked on an older MB it would work on a new one.  Is there any place to report this problem so that it may be corrected in a future bios?  I can refer others though I know at least two people I read having the same issues switched to another motherboard manufacturer already




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          Hi Dennis:


          Thank you for contacting Intel.  You’ve somehow navigated within the Embedded Forum where we focus on embedded products and applications.  Since the DX58SO is a consumer desktop-oriented platform and not an embedded one, you’re not quite in the right place.  Let me try to guide you to where you can find some help:


          You said that you’ve already contacted Intel by email by phone and email, but have you tried Live Chat Support?   (link below) 




          You haven’t mentioned whether you are an end user or an Intel reseller / dealer / distributor.  If you are an end user, Intel recommends that you consult directly with your place of purchase. If the place of purchase is unable to resolve the problem, the dealer may have direct access to Intel support technicians.


          You can also find support resources for the DX58SO at:




          If Intel had another forum appropriate for your topic, I’d gladly direct you there but we really don’t.   If you’ve already checked out all of the links above then your best bet is to continue to pursue the Customer Support avenues that you’ve previously initiated. 


          Felix M.

          Intel Embedded Forum