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    Are there any free (complete) motherboard reference layout files that are accessible to a basic (not privileged) member?

    dunnousername Community Member

      I want to develop an x86 motherboard. I know how hard this will be, but please do not tell me it is impossible. I am just wondering if there is a reference layout that is a complete, working, functional motherboard available to a basic member. I am looking for a chipset that supports at least one Core i3 CPU (I am talking about a non-embedded one). I have looked at a pinout for an LGA 1155. If I am correct, there are 1155 pins on it. It would be easier for me to understand a layout than 1,155 different pins, each one with a different function. Thanks in advance.


      This is my first discussion. Sorry if you cannot understand it. Just ask me to clarify.