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    How to enable Atom E3800 PCU UART serial port in ubuntu 14.04.

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      I am using Atom E3800 series (E3826) kontron processor core board and carrier development board. and I have installed ubuntu 14.04(64bit).


      Atom E3800 has one PCU uart which is default for GPIO not for uart. and 2 high speed uarts. the other 2 high speed work well.

      The  PCU uart  connects to ser1 (J21) in carrier board. I tried to enable it as a uart port. it seems it become a uart,but it can not send or received data.

      I tried the following commands to enable PCU uart as /dev/ttyS0:

      sudo setpci -s 0:1f.0 80.l=1        ## according to the datesheet need enable UART_CONT.COM1EN , default is disable as GPIO;  this command works! I can set the bit.

      sudo setserial /dev/ttyS0 autoconfig    #####  set up  uart and make ttyS0 work. this command seems work. if find ttyS0 UART appears 16550A. use command  :sudo setserial -g /dev/ttyS0 to output:

                                                              ##### /dev/ttyS0. UART: 16550A, Port:0x03f8, IRQ: 4

      and I use cat /proc/interrupts :

             CPU0 CPU1


      4:     2         0   IO-APIC-edge


      It seems serial port works! but it can not send or receive date.  anyway interrupt counter works when i send data. but no data handled!

      what's wrong?

      How can I enable  the PCU UART serial port in ubuntu 14.04?

      anyone help?

      Thank you very much.