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    How to get EMGD to stop switching modes when a display is plugged in.

    tom.abcd Green Belt

      I have an embedded system running WES8 using a Intel N2930 processor (similar to a E3845)  that uses the Intel HD graphics driver.

      The unit has a internal LVDS display and HDMI connector and unit can be uses with just the LVDS display or LVDS plus HDMI.


      I have used SetDisplayConfig to set the resolution and rotation of my unit but it does changes if I plug in another monitor.


      For example:  with a LVDS display, Monitor A and Monitor B.

      I have the LVDS and Monitor A connected and set the rotation for 90 degrees using SetDisplayConfig.

      I also unplug Monitor A and set the LVDS only for rotation of 90 degrees. 


      If I plug in Monitor B then the rotation changes back to 0 degrees as long as Monitor B is plugged in.   

      So how do I configure the unit so it does not switch display modes every time a different monitor is plugged in??    ( I have no idea what monitor the end user will be plugging in)

      Is there some way using SetDisplayConfig to handle this?? (all I found in SetDisplayConfig was for connected monitors not something for every monitor)

      Or is there some way to turn auto detect off?


      In the past we used XP and IEGD and you could turn auto detect off but I have not found that feature in EMGD.