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    WGI210AT without magnetics

    astarta Community Member

      I am currently designing a new board with the I210-AT.

      Can I connect I210 directly to Micrel KSZ8721 without magnetics.

      The sample with old controller

      I'am using 100Mbit mode  - set in ethernet drivers.
      Connect as datasheet:



      Connect two chips like this (Left WGI210AT -- Righ Micrel KSZ8721BL):

      board is working, two chips connecting each other, send and receive packets.

      But, I'v got a lot of strange error on ethernet KSZ8721(Right side schema) when traffic increase (500-1000packets/sec)

      May be, need to disable Auto-MDIX ?


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          Carlos_A Brown Belt

          Hello astarta,


          Thanks you for contacting the Intel Embedded Community.


          In order to better understand your consultations, we would like to address the following questions:


          Could you please give us the name and number of the documents that you are using to develop your project?

          Could you please clarify us if the used NVM image is included at the following file? In case that the answer is negative, please use the image that better fit to your needs contained within at the Intel(R) Ethernet Controller I210/I211-AT Production NVM Images document # 513655, which can be found at:




          Please give us all the information requested through these questions to better help you.


          Thanks in advance for your reply.


          Best Regards,


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              AlexanderZ Community Member



              I am using next documents:


              1. Micrel Capacitive coupling Eth Transivwer without transformer


              Mode Without Internal Bias for Micrel Controller.

              As sample, mode With Internal Bias for I210.


              for additional information using:

              2. Intel Application Note (AP-438)

              Interfacing Intel® 8255x Fast Ethernet Controllers without Magnetics


              3. Document #: 249490

              Magnetic-Less Ethernet Point-to-Point Ethernet over a Backplane Application Note (for LXT971A/972A and other old chips)


              Using NVM Image:


              Besause, by reference design schematics using SST25VF040b flash for 4mbit.

              Image using as-is, without additional settings.


              Two ethernet chip place on one pcb. Length of Eth diff pairs about 4-5cm (2inch max).

              I try connect C65, C66 to GND - there is no effect.



              Can you get me link for application note 480093 - megneticless design for i210 ?

              I have priveleged access, but I can't find this document.


              Thank you.