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    Skylake-U GPU: Iris 540, 550 - work without VccEDRAM (VccOPC)

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      We have working gevice based on Haswell COM Exppress module. Now we need to use Skylake-U module instead, to give our programmers a debugging platform while out target Skylke board is still inder development.


      However, all COM Express modules that is supposed to production, have 520 GPU (6100U, 6300U, 6600U SKUs) while we need Iris 540 or 550 GPU version. It wouldn't be a big problem itself - remove 6100U, put 6650U - 300$ for resoldering + CPU cost. Problem is that 23e SKUs require additional VccEDRAM (VccOPC) voltage (1.0V). This voltage doesn't exist on Skylake module, because one more VRM involves addidtional BOM cost, and developers hadn't plan to use 23e processors.


      So, the question is: is it possible not to apply VccEDRAM voltage to 23e SKUs? Our application does not use EDRAM at all, capturing data to and from memory via System Agent and Ring Interconnect.


      Should VccEDRAM processor pins be grounded or can be left floating, if we use 23 SKUs without apply VccEDRAM voltage.


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      Nikolay Bodunov