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    Questions about Intel Embedded Boards

    Researcher1221 Community Member

      I am working on a project for my company and we are looking to utilize low end boards (embedded boards) to produce a lower end product of our NVR & DVR (networked video recorder or digital video recorder). I have found info on what processors support which OS types. Am I correct in thinking that if a specific processor (e.g. Intel Atom) supports Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and I find a board that supports the Intel Atom processors (e.g. Intel EDI2ARDUIN.AL.K Dual Core IA-32 @ 500 MHz, 32-bit Intel Atom Processor Z34xx Series @ 100 MHz Board with 70-pin connector Motherboard/CPU Combo ) would the motherboard also support the same specific OS that the processor supports, since the motherboard should be supporting the same chipset series due to the processor??

      Or is there more info on which motherboards support which specific OS?