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    Set serial ports on Baytrail and Atom with Embedded Windows 7 to greater than 115200 baud

    vcvsdv9-si0wj0fje90swfswsvfs Community Member

      Hi All,

      Has anyone run into this situation-

      I have a couple of evaluation SBCs, one using the

      Intel® Atom™ SoC processor J1900/ E3825, one using the

      Intel Bay Trail N2930 / N2807.


      I've run a Labiew application and realterm, and can't get serial communication unless I

      set a baud rate at 115200 or lower. Is there a uart driver update that will allow this?

      If so where can I find this driver? Or is there a different set of API calls for higher rates?

      The uart on the Atom will run up to 3 gigabaud, so that's not the issue.


      Best, Steve