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    Baytrail - Intel HDA Controller Register Documentation

    TAI_YEOH Green Belt


             While going through the Intel BIOS Writers Guide (BWG), Section 30.7 "Additional Intel® High Definition Audio (Intel® HD Audio) Programming Steps" in Volume 2 of the Baytrail BIOS writers guide v1.44 (DocID: 514148) refers to some PCI Configuration registers in another document (DocID: 512177).


             However looking at a more updated version of the "DocID: 512177" document still indicates the register documentation is missing.


             The registers I am interested in are PCI configuration registers for HDA controller  0xC0,0xC4,0xC8,0xC0 & 0xD0. These registers do not exists in any of the documentation available to me.


             As an developer, I prefer to understand what it is that I am configuring in the BWG.


            Can anyone help clarify this?


            Thank you.