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    i210/211 and PTP (IEEE 1588)

    ubuyuksahin Community Member

      Hi, we are trying to make use of IEEE 1588 capabilities of i210 Ethernet Controller IC. Datasheet indicates that some tasks should be performed by SW. HW captures critical timing information in its registers, SW should read those registers to perform next task. Additionally, we would like to use SDP pins to generate some custom time sync signals. So we need to access certain registers to set SDP settings.


      How can those registers be accessed in Windows (Windows 7/8, WES 7/8)? Is there an API or an interface for Windows drivers? Or is it the only option to work on Linux by modifying Linux driver (igb)?

      In other words, is it possible to implement a hardware assisted PTP client in Windows?




      M. Ufuk Buyuksahin