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    Bay Trail Platform - How can I get a 800x480 flat panel to work over DisplayPort?

    Not_Sure Community Member

      Hi all,


      I'm developing a custom EDID to get our DisplayPort-to-LVDS converter to work with a customer's 800x480 panel. I'm using a Bay Trail CPU card as the host system for development.


      I don't seem to be able to get lower than 800x600 resolution and the bottom 120 rows of the visible video frame are lost. I know that the adapter is capable of 640x480. Knoppix reports that the minimum capability of the hardware and OS is 300x200. So, I'm not sure where the hangup is.


      I ran into a similar problem with a 640x240 panel and Windows on a different Bay Trail CPU card. That system wouldn't allow me a display resolution below 640x480. The work-around that I used for the first project cannot be used here.


      I would be most grateful for any helpful information.