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    Why does BayTrail upscale 720x400 text mode to 800x600

    danielnice0200 Community Member

      We have received several mainboards based on Intel's BayTrail.  These system-on-a-chip processors include video card functionality.


      Both of the the BayTrail boards apparently output 800x600 resolution to the screen when in standard VGA text mode (just sitting at a DOS prompt demonstrates this).  (We determined the resolution using the OSD on the monitor).


      VGA text mode should be 720x400.  Since the VBIOS upscales to 800x600, then the monitor upscales it again, it produces a very fuzzy output that is hard on the eyes.


      Does anyone know why the BayTrail does this?  And more importantly, how can we cause it to NOT do this?  The mainboard manufacturer, Jetway, claims that they have no control over this since they did not write the VBIOS nor did they make the video chip.