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    82599 gets link up, but won't receive data

    PVWB Brown Belt

      We are using an 82599 part with a Haswell processor.   We are using

      the part in 10G XAUI mode connected to a Marvell switch.  The part

      sends data to the switch and reports link up.  However, the part never

      receives any data or gets any errors.  Counters in the Marvell

      switch show that data is being sent to the 82599.  Getting linkup

      implies to me that the 82599 is recognizing the idle pattern sent by

      the Marvell switch.  So why does it not receive data?  With other

      devices, we have found that a poorly performing link can result

      in getting link up, but errors occur with data transfers, but here

      we get no errors and no data.   The connections between the

      Marvell switch and the 82599 are less than 2 inches long and

      are 100 Ohm differential pairs.  We have other, longer connections

      to different ports on the Marvell switch operating in XAUI mode

      to other devices.  We have used this same port on the Marvell

      switch in XAUI mode on other designs, so we know the port on

      the switch is correctly set up for XAUI operation.


      Thanks, Paul.