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    Complete RF Front End solution for 802.16d/e at 5.8 GHz

    Hiva Community Member

      We are looking for a complete RF front-end solution for 802.16d/e (at 5.8 GHz).  We want to receive the 5.8 GHz RF data signal complies with 802.16d/e, demodulate or perhaps groom it and achieve a bit stream. Also, we want to do inverse, in fact we need a transceiver. These chip sets may include antenna, I/Q mixer, VCO, base band filter, gain amplifier, DDC, DUC, ADC and DAC.

      Would you please help us to figure out the best set of chipsets you have and the reference design?

      These chipsets would be used in a device which will have a potential for a high volume of sales in the wireless access sector.