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    I210 - Adapter failed to initialise

    RobH Green Belt



      I am integrating an I210-IT onto a breakout card and have run into a problem getting it up and running. we are using the I210 internal PHY in flash less mode.


      • I first used the lanconfw64e tool to check the I210 was visible as a blank device
      • I then used the EEUPDATEW64e tool to load the "I210_Invm_Copper_APM_v0.6.txt" image. The updater tool said this completed successfully.
      • I used the lanconfW64e tool to re check the visibility of the device and it is now recognized as "Intel<R> I210 Gbit Network Connection". I also checked the registers which are now updated with new data.
      • I then downloaded the Intel drivers from the Download center and installed. This said it completed successfully.


      I now have a yellow triangle on the image in device manager and the following error "failed to initialize adapter (code 10)"

      Re running the lanconfW64e tool i get the following message


      And if i open the resource as suggested i get the following



      Any help would be appreciated as a little lost on this one.


      Kind Regards


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          AdolfoS Brown Belt

          Hello RobH ,


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Embedded Community.


          In order to better understand this situation, we would like to address the following questions:


          Could you please clarify us if the affected design has been developed by you or a third party company? In case that it is a third party design please let us know all the information related to it.


          Could you please confirm us if the affected design has been reviewed by Intel?


          Could you please verify that the guidelines stated in the answers to the questions 2.9 and 2.23, on pages 8 and 11 of the Intel(R) Ethernet Controller I210/I211 Frequently Asked Questions document # 334026, have been followed by you on the mentioned troubleshooting process? In case that you ignore this information please use it, and let us know the results.


          Please let us know the requested information.


          Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


          Best Regards,

          AdolfoS on behalf of Carlos_A.

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              RobH Green Belt

              Hi AdolfoS,


              The design has been developed by myself not a third party.


              No the design has not been reviewed by Intel. Are you suggesting this could be a hardware/integration problem. i assumed because i can speak to the I210 and programming it that the PCI bus is working and therefore the device must be powered correctly. I followed the advice in the example schematic while designing.


              I have read and considered the FAQ but don't think this can be the problem. I have only programmed the iNVM once and it said it completed successfully. I am not trying to re program the I210. I was trying to use the lanconf tool to investigating why it is not working.


              Hope this helps. Your assistance is much appreciated