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    Intel NUC5CPYH and Windows 8 Embedded standard x64

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      I'm struggling to successfully install Windows 8 Embedded standard onto an intel nuc5cpyh.

      The drivers supplied here



      are not all supplied in .inf format which the Windows 8 embedded IBW requires.


      I've tried installing Windows 8.1 enterprise x64, installed drand then used driver magician (link below) to capture the drivers onto usb stick. This seems to work (at least it detected drivers and installed windows)

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      However, the key problem is that when Windows embedded x64 finishes installing, the USB drivers don't seem to work and hence we can't get any further due to not being able to use the keyboard or mouse!

      There is a similar issue on this thread:




      We've also tried this thread to see if we can get it working, but the USB seems completely unresponsive.




      Perhaps it is because the 8.1 x64 USB3.0 drivers are different to 8.0 standard drivers?