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    Intel Broadwell-DE FSP+CoreBoot hang (7A) issue

    James_Lee Green Belt

      Hi all,

          I bringup broadwell-de platform on Intel CRB CamelBack Mountain REV02,

      BIOS use Coreboot +Intel Broadwell-de FSP,have some issue and question,

      please have some body kindly help, thanks.

      1. Its can not to boot, BIOS hang on post code (7A), the log/ .config see attach file.


           * Boot State Machine: bs_payload_load()


          POST_BS_PAYLOAD_LOAD   0x7a

      2. Why on Coreboot project CamelBackMountain_fsp, BIOS no to initIal GPIO?

          If I need modify GPIO status, how to do?


           Best Regards