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    Problem with Fedora 18 Remix MR2

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      I try to make Fedora 18 MR2, before this I use Timesys Fedora 18 Remix Gold and MR1. First I download  package F18_MR2_SW_BKC.tar.bz2 , read your user guide ( Baytrail_Linux_MR2_Integration_Guide_Rev 1.0.pdf ). After I download Fedora from fedora arhive. I make step 1 - 26 after, I use documentation for EMGD  because in this documentation I have information about version of packge and link of repository. 


      After step 26 I Install : 

      • inputproto-2.3.1
      • xorg-server-1.14.5
      • xorg-x11-drv-evdev-2.7.3-5
      • libdrm-2.4.52
      • mesa-10.2.1
      • glu-9.0.0
      • cairo-1.12.14
      • emgd-sna-2.0-3900.i386.rpm

      After I  make xorg.txt with CED  and copy in folder /etc/X11/  as .conf file, and  use command  /usr/bin/startx .  After that command fedora restarts and  I can't use mouse and keyboard. 


      My xorg.conf file



      ## X Config options generated from CED

      ## x11 conf skeleton

      ## DriverVer=


      Section "Monitor"

        Identifier "Monitor0"

        VendorName "Monitor Vendor"

        ModelName "Monitor Model"

        Option "Rotate" "normal"


      Section "Screen"

          Identifier    "Screen0"

          Device        "IntelEMGD-0"

          Monitor       "Monitor0"

          DefaultDepth  24

          SubSection    "Display"

          Depth         32



      # Primary (First/only) display

      Section "Device"

          Identifier "IntelEMGD-0"

          Driver     "emgd"

          VendorName "Intel(R) DEG"

          BoardName  "Embedded Graphics"

          BusID      "0:2:0"

          Screen      0

          Option     "PcfVersion"            "1792"

          Option     "ConfigId"              "1"


      Section "ServerLayout"

          Identifier     "Default Layout"

          Screen 0       "Screen0" 0 0

         # InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"

         # InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"

         # InputDevice    "DevInputMice" "SendCoreEvents"



      Could somebody tell configuration which work?