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    How to configure the Intel EMGD on Linux OS using CED lite ?

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      I work with ISP on Fedora 18, at first I use Timesys Fedora 18 Gold and MR1.  Because of new ISP driver I want to make Fedora MR2 to use new driver and start camera, but i have problem with configuration ... I try a lot of thing  and I trying more than 4 weeks but I don't know how to  do it ?  I guided with Linux guide for EMGD  and  user guide for make Fedora MR2, but I don't have any good result, I don't know maybe I doing something wrong. Problems starts when I installed xorg-server-1.14.5  and copy xorg.conf file in folder /etc/X11/  ... after that I start command as root user /usr/bin/startx ... fedora look like restarted and and when this action finish I can't move with mouse and nothing with mouse .


      Could somebody told me what I do wrong?


      P.S  xorg.txt  I create with CED-Lite