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    What is the correct FSP to C222 PCH chipset

    RafaelR_Machado Community Member

      Hi everyone


      I'm starting my studies on Intel firmware support package.

      Currently I'm trying to generate a bios image to deploy on a system, and the system I have has a C222 PCH chipset.

      The system I'm using for this studies is this one:  https://firmware.intel.com/develop/server-development-kit


      My question is. Where can I find the correct version of FSP to be used for this?


      At GitHub - IntelFsp/FSP: Repository of FSP binaries posted by Intel  I was not able to be sure about the FSP package to be used.


      Could someone please help me?


      The idea is to study FSP and coreboot to create a bios for this system. Just for fun


      Thanks and Regards