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    Linux MR2 integrate into Fedora 18: How to configure EMGD to fix display problem?

    TejaV Community Member


      I new in Linux world and I work with Fedora 18. Four weeks I try to Linux MR2 integrate into Fedora 18, i download your package for that task ( ( http://https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25289/BKC-Best-Known-Configuration-for-Fedora-18-MR2-Maintenance-Release-2-  )  but in mean time I run into problem.  I follow your user guide for Linux MR2 integrate into Fedora 18 and I done all steps but only I can do is install xorg-server. After reboot fedora I can't start Fedora again.  I know I need to configure somehow emgd but I don't how ...   Is emgd need xorg-server ?


      Could somebody tell me  what I need to do for avoid diplay problem with emgd ? In attachment is photo .