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    Replacing E640T with E680T

    SaiViswanadh Community Member

      Hi all,


      Few years back we have made Single Board Computer Design with E640T and IO HUB EG20T and along with necessary ROHM PMICs.

      This was operating at a maximum frequency of 1GHz and supporting 1/2GB DDR2 RAM.

      Now, I would like to upgrade this to 1.6GHz operating speed by replacing E680T.  In this regard I have following queries.


      1. Are these two processors E640T and E680T are foot print compatible?

      2. Can I use the same PCB and assemble E680T? are do I need to do any modifications to my design?

      3. Can I use the same ROHM ICs: BD9591AMWV, BD9594AMWV and BU7335MWV? or any architectural change is required to use E680T?

      4. These two processors were released in the year 2010, till what year these processors will be in production?


      Pl help me to find these answers.


      Thanks & Regards

      Sai Viswanadh Chukka