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    Questions about the imissed errors when recieving packets by DPDK using bonding PMD.

    lb Community Member

      I used DPDK bonding PMD (rte_eth_bond_api) for receiving  packets from a bonding port bonded by four 82599EB 10 Gbps ports and then sent them to the network through another bonding port.


      when the traffic reached 20Gbps(about 5 Gbps for each physical port), I found some packets are dropped by HW everytime because of  no mbuf in the rx rings which is called as imissed errors in struct rte_eth_stats.


      I use 4 cores for RSS, set the nb_desc to the max length and also use vPMD for high performace,  but it is no use.


      How can I avoid imissed errors? Could the DPDK bonding driver has influence on the performance?