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    coreboot + fsp for braswell n3150

    keziaha Green Belt



      I use coreboot and fsp for initialize braswell n3150, but i have an issue : Failures for postcode 0xBB - failed in the FSP: 0x02 - FSP_INVALID_PARAMETER: Input parameters are invalid.

      In the config of coreboot , i don't have microcode update .


      In documentation of coreboot :coreboot/Documentation/Intel/SoC/soc.html#TempRamInit

                   " Alternating 0xbb and 0x02 - TempRamInit executed, no CPU microcode update found"


      But i downloaded microcode.dat for braswell on intel site. i don't have signature 0x406c3 corresponding in microcode.dat .


      if no update for microcode, i have no need integrate microcode in coreboot.rom ? else how to do ?