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    i210 _unprogramed driver on Freescale PowerPC T1024 platform (linux kernel)

    ryan.my.lin Community Member



      I face some issue with i210 ethernet.

      there are some i210 series device supported  linux kernel igb driver but no i210_unprogrammed device

      I add E1000_DEV_ID_I210_UNPROGRAMMED 0X1531 and rebuild it , the device boot  up log  show

      __ioremap(): phys addr 0x10000000 is RAM lr igb_probe

        igb: probe of 0001:03:00.0 failed with error -5


      I see E1000_DEV_ID_I210_UNPROGRAMMED 0X1531 is defined in uboot igb driver but not in linux kernel igb driver

      how can I build I210_UNPROGRAMMED driver in linux kernel