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    E3815 GTT memory allocation

    AlexMamonov Community Member



      I'm trying to figure out the order of initialization of the E3815 graphics. I cannot understand whether to allocate memory for Graphics Translation Table. The documentation (#IHD-OS-VLV-Vol5-04.14, page 19) says: "The base address (MM offset) of the GTT and the PPGTT are programmed via the PGTBL_CTL and PGTBL_CTL2 MI registers, respectively." But I can not find the description of the register PGTBL_CTL in the E3800 Datasheet. Also, I looked at the Linux driver (i915) source code and it seems like it doesn't allocate memory for GTT. Hence the question: Do I have to allocate memory for GTT, and if so, how to do it correctly?