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    IOT on CPU+FPGA device

    lucamonopoli Community Member

      Good moorning ,

      I would like to share my ideas:

      1) Windows IOT core (or intel IDE)  should support Intel Altera Arria Devices ARM&FPGA

      and the next generation of CHIP and Xeon+FPGA.

      2)  it would be the first high level programming solution for this kind of component.

      I suggest to integrate to let  integrate intel OpenCL library in windows SDK

      In Order to program FPGA.

      3) For FPGA it's suggested to provide an already done personality of the FPGA.

      it's suggested to give to the customer the opportunity to change the firmware of the FPGA

      mainly for custom peripheral and cooprocessing allocation resources.


      how intel/altera is going to move around this world?