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    Programming an I210

    RobH Green Belt

      Hi All,


      I have been trying a failing to get an I210-IT device working when being used as a flash less device (i.e. no EEPROM attached and programming the iNVM).


      I have been advised that the problem may be to do with drivers not being compatible to operate in this state and that I should try to use the device with an external EEPROM. I have selected a SST25PF040C (Microschip's replacement for the SST25VF040b recommended in the Intel literature) and add this to the prototype.


      My question is that I have programmed the iNVM on the chip with the production image "I210_Invm_Copper_NoAPM_v0.6.txt" for the previous implementation. If i am now going to use an external EEPROM I will obviously need to program that EEPROM with the correct image (for my case it would be "Dev_Start_I210_Copper_NOMNG_4Mb_A2_3.25_0.03.bin") but do i also need to change the iNVM and if so to what?


      Kind Regards