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    Dynamic Hugepage allocation for DPDK

    stepheng Community Member

      On the DPDK.org website it doesn't provide a very good explanation why 2048 MB of hugepages is allocated or when that size should be increased or could be decreased.  I am trying to understand why the requirements are what they are and if the explanation is either oversimplified or simply is that way for a reason.


      I will list my questions in order.


      1. NUMA - If all DPDK compatible interfaces are on a single NUMA node then the hugepages should only be allocated for that NUMA node?

      2. NUMA - If interfaces are scattered on node 0 and 1 are the basic reccomendations to allocate 1024 hugepages per node or 512 per node?

      3. NICS - Does the hugepage size allocation change if we are using the DPDK only with a single 1 Gb interface or 4x 10 Gb interfaces?


      I think this is a good start and possibly there might be a few follow up questions.