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    Gordon peak board is not booting up

    mounikareddy Community Member

      Am trying to boot up the Gordon Peak board(product code:GPMRBBBCHSS3) in ELK(Emergency Linux Kernel)  mode  but it is not booting.

      Below logs are showing whenever target is switched ON


      abl-APL: rel.1636

      CPU: BXTP-B1 [4C @ 1900MHz: premium SKU], ucode rev.1A; power-on reset

      IPC config: R.<16 bytes> (10ms)

      PCB #B08F: GR MRB (BMP fab.D, 4x16Gb); BM:0

      MRC: [v0.56.16/89.7] FB OK: 8GB

      CSE: send DID  UMA @10000000, 33MB

      CSE: FW

      CSE: boot dev #2: SPI

      PTT: Waiting for TPM to clear tpmidle ... Done.

      auto-boot ...

      image#0 - mmcbootX: eMMC boot: No image [err=2:ACK]

      image#0 - mmc2:/iasImage: MMC: 0G, boot 0/0  [5.1 HS400 FW 3.5 4e 5/15]:

      *** load err #-4

      image#1 - mmc1:/iasImage: *** load err #-4

      image#2 - ELK: copy ELK from SPI in 3701 ms

      image #3: enter CLI ...



      It is copying ELK from SPI but it is not entering into ELK mode.

      Is there any way to boot into ELK mode?